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Although he is no scientist and this is not a "nature film," Mark becomes something of an expert himself as he consults local birders, and as he feeds, names, studies, and protects the cherry-headed conures — escaped pets who have begun to breed in the wilds of the city.

Parrot "stars" include Connor, a lonely blue-crowned conure, ostracized by the cherry heads; Picasso and Sophie, an affectionate pair who love to cuddle; Pushkin, a single father who raises three babies on his own; and Mingus, who bebops to Mark's guitar music.

The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill is a feature-length film of 83 minutes. Shot in 16mm color, it was blown up to 35mm for its 2005 theatrical release, was broadcast on national public television in 2007, and is now out on DVD.